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doctor1What We Mean By Professional Help

We believe the best person to supervise the care of a loved-one is a Registered Nurse. That's because home care isn’t just about keeping your loved one's safe and secure. It’s ultimately about their health. Four Season's Healthcare is RN-Supervised because the best care is driven by the best supervision. It’s as simple as that.

The process starts with an initial complimentary RN visit followed by a full Nursing Assessment. This assessment is always carried out by an RN. The assessment forms the basis of the Care Plan which is used by the caregiver to provide your care.



Medical oversight

Specific medical conditions are driving the need for your loved-one’s care. Understanding medical history and current medical diagnosis is the foundation of great home care. To deliver this we

  • Employ RN’s with substantial experience of geriatrics and home healthcare.
  • Carry out a Full Nursing Assessment and Care Plan on Admission
  • Make RN Supervisory visits after the first two weeks of care and every 60 days thereafter.


Approved Ongoing Training

The State demands caregivers have specific training before they can take care of patients.

They also have to take annual Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that are both mandated and approved by the State. We must report this completed training to the State each year.

The State also requires CNAs to complete training in order to renew their CNA license. This is why we prefer to employ CNAs.


Qualified caregivers

The market for Homecare is full of helpers. But we employ staff who are properly trained to provide care to the elderly. Most of our caregivers are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). They are trained, among other things, in assisting with Activities of Daily Living and also understand how to keep an eye on your loved one’s changing medical conditions. They have also worked in nursing homes.

Mandatory training required before any caregiver can deliver care in the home:

  • Personal care services;nurses
  • Principles of good nutrition;
  • Process of growth, development and aging;
  • Principles of infection control;
  • Observation, reporting and documentation of patient status;
  • Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment;
  • Maintaining a least restrictive environment;
  • Verbal/non-verbal communication skills;
  • Reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration;
  • Safe transfer techniques and ambulation;
  • Normal range of motion and positioning;
  • Introduction to common assistive technology;
  • Principles of body mechanics; and
  • The needs of the elderly and persons with disabilities.



Regular communication with caregivers by our Supervisors is key to creating motivated and engaged employees – particularly when they are working in your loved-one’s home. Our sophisticated scheduling system tracks employees arrival and departure so we know the caregiver has arrived safely, and that your loved-one is getting their care at the scheduled time. Homecare is also like any other business – great service starts with a great working environment.

Your RN Supervisor will make regular visits to make sure you and your loved one are happy and that the desired outcomes are being achieved.

In Delaware, as a Home Health Agency - Aide Only, the regulations demand both RN supervision and that Care Plans can only be written by a Registered Nurse. Good for them we say!

The Pennsylvania regulations do not mandate or even mention supervision at all, never mind by an RN! We don’t think this is right. Our RNs will review your Care Plan at every visit and amend it accordingly.

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